Sign our historic petition!

Are you willing to spend 58¢, the price of a U.S. postage stamp, to alter Baltimore County history?

Let’s make history! For just $.58 any voter who is registered in Baltimore County can from the privacy of their home be one of 10,000 voters to sign the 4MORE! 4BALTIMORECOUNTY referendum petition, linked below. 

How to print, sign and send the petition

  1. Print the petition form as two-sided on a single sheet of plain paper. The tops of both sides must face the same direction. If your printer only prints on one side, take the first page of the petition that comes out, and position it on top of the paper tray face up. Then copy the 2nd page onto the back of the first page in the same direction. The front page of the petition contains five numbered boxes with lines. The back page has legal language that shows which sections of the Baltimore County Charter are proposed to be amended.
  2. Please complete all FIVE sections of BOX 1, by entering your name, address and birthdate as it appears on your voter registration, plus the date of your signature. Look up your voter information here. 
  3. After completing the BOX 1, fill in the requested information at the bottom of the petition form marked “Individual Circulator.” 
  4. Check for accuracy. If you make an error on the petition form, draw a line through the box with the incorrect information and start over in a new section of the same form. If not possible, please reprint the form and start over.
  5. Place the original signed form in an envelope, add a $.58 stamp, and mail it to:  P.O. Box 256 Owings Mills, Md. 21117-9998    

Note: You must be a voter who is registered in Baltimore County (no other jurisdiction) to sign this petition. (The law says the witness to the signing of a petition, also known as the “Individual Circulator,” must be a voter registered in Maryland.) Every registered Baltimore County voter must complete and sign their own separate two-sided petition form. Only one voter’s name can be signed to a form, and that person must self-witness their own name at the bottom. This petition form, which has been reviewed by the State and Local Boards of Election, cannot be altered except to add the requested information in ink